Student Status

  • Completed student basic data in detail
  • Student photo recognition

Course Scheduling

  • Condition-setting is provided for course launching and scheduling, with flexibility for adjustment.
  • Search is available by class, subject teacher, classroom and standard course file.
  • The course can include multiple teachers, classrooms, groups, at the same time period.
  • The course can be scheduled for odd/even week, double lesson or during noon.

Course Enrollment System

  • Timetable enrollment interface
  • Cross-department and cross-major enrollment available
  • Pre-enrollment and lot-drawing planning
  • Various enrollment reports
  • Relevant enrollment data exportable


  • Credit offset and waiver settings
  • Full academic records query and backup
  • Grade alert and inquiry
  • Various transcripts

Graduation Review and Management

  • Computer-assisted review on student academic records
  • Review available on compulsory credits, professional licenses, military training, etc.
  • Advice provided to junior students before graduation
  • Improving the quality of educational administration

Student Affairs System

  • Student leave, missing class and absenteeism, reward and punishment for conduct grade.
  • Multiple tutors, dormitory, military service management, living and learning grants, student counseling and notification, on-campus and off-campus scholarships and grants, etc.

Personnel System

  • Personnel data maintenance
  • Labor and health insurance comparison
  • Various allowances
  • Report

Tuition and Fees / Exemption

  • Full integration with school affairs system
  • Real-time sync with student basic data
  • Student online application and management
  • Application progress traceable

Student Pay Slip

  • Direct printing of pay slip from school affairs system
  • Bank payment information Integrated
  • Real-time management of payment and account offset

Learning Portfolio

  • Big data information from both educational and student affairs systems are integrated and compiled with teacher comments and analysis of student characteristics data, to generate student learning portfolio for students to understand their own strength for job interviews.

All English and Japanese Internationalization

  • Internationalized operating interface, including English and Japanese
  • Interaction platform between foreign teachers and students

School Holistic Education

  • Providing reference on school holistic education development
  • Full integration with school affairs system
  • Department and major-orientation in grading and planning to determine goal achievement and revision

Professionalism at Core

  • The school understands perfectly its specialties in talent development, thus increasing employment rates.
  • Students clearly understand their future career planning.
  • With radar chart analysis, teachers can help students to determine career development.
  • Based on system platform data, professional teachers can provide students with employment matching recommendations.
  • Through platform analytical data, enterprises can find outstanding student talents.

IR Big Data

  • Analysis and forecasting with big data
  • Full integration with school affairs system
  • School entrance program analysis, course-launching analysis, performance analysis
  • Reference for decision-making information
  • Reference for research on school affairs

Course Map

  • Educational system combined with course map
  • Course design in relation to talent development and employment module

Smart Voice

  • APP system combining voice with AI technologies, providing users with quick searches for relevant services and continuing on-going compilation, training and learning.

Student Course Enrollment APP

  • Student APP online course enrollment
  • Simple and easy operating interface

Multilingual APP for Teachers and Students

  • Multiple language display
  • Displaying English
  • Displaying Japanese


  • AI Chat Bot integrated
  • Building a Q&A robot that can automatically answer customers’ questions