Document Production

  • Easy production of document
  • Printed document transferrable to other printing formats
  • Eligible for file attachment
  • Common punctuation available
  • Common vocabulary available

Document Sign-off

  • Applicable to various operating platforms
  • No program installation needed
  • Supports all browsers
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Easy document signing and approval
  • Clear sign-off process
  • Revision records traceable

File Management

  • Compliance with National Archives Administration (NAA) certification
  • Knowledge query and retrieval available
  • File filing, cataloging, receipt and shredder included
  • File retrieval and query available

Electronic Exchange API

  • New generation of document electronic exchange system
  • Solution architecture
  • Direct integration with electronic document system
  • Zero missing in sending and receiving electronic text
  • Free from operating two systems, thus reducing workload

Mobile Phone Signature

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Clear document content
  • Voice comment compatible

Seal Management

  • Combining electronic sign-off to simplify SOP
  • E-management to improve administrative quality
  • Document system adopted to manage seal application

Mail Management

  • Integrating personnel account data in electronic document system
  • Reducing paperwork waiting time and improving quality

Electronic Signature

  • Validating the legality of classified document online sign-off
  • Verifying the uniqueness of senior executive electronic signature
  • Legal validity of third-party notary
  • Compliance with National Archives Administration (NAA) certification

Image Archiving

  • Hardcopy document scanning and archiving
  • Cross-department retrieval application
  • Planning on archiving service, indexing and online retrieval

Knowledge Management

  • Full integration of knowledge management and electronic document system ​
  • Search by document classification​
  • Combined with retrieval function​
  • Privilege control, with levels of manager, supervisor and administrator​
  • Classified by function and department

Task Assignment Control

  • Combining electronic document system
  • After supervisor’s approval, the document is instantly sent to the assignment system.
  • The manager updates progress at any time with attached evidence.
  • Supervisor can check at any time and comment in red and green

Multilingual Document System

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Clear document content
  • Voice comment compatible