All English and Japanese Internationalization

  • Internationalized operating interface including English and Japanese
  • Interaction platform between foreign teachers and students

School Holistic Education

  • Providing references on school holistic education development
  • Full integration with school affairs system
  • Department and major-orientation in grading and planning to determine goal achievement and revision

Professionalism at Core

  • The school understands perfectly its specialties in talent development, thus increasing employment rates.
  • Students clearly understand their future career planning.
  • With radar chart analysis, teachers can help students to determine career development.
  • Based on system platform data, professional teachers can provide students with employment-matching recommendations.
  • Through platform analytical data, enterprises can find outstanding student talent.

IR Big Data

  • Analysis and forecasting with big data
  • Full integration with school affairs system
  • School entrance program analysis, course launching analysis, performance analysis
  • Reference for decision-making information
  • Reference for research on school affairs

Course Map

  • Educational system combined with course map
  • Course design in relation to talent development and employment module

Smart Voice

  • APP system combining voice with AI technologies, providing users with quick searches for relevant services and continuing on-going compilation, training and learning.

Student Course Enrollment APP

  • Student APP online course enrollment
  • Simple and easy operating interface

Multilingual APP for Teachers and Students

  • Multiple language display
  • Displaying English
  • Displaying Japanese


  • AI Chat Bot integrated
  • Building a Q&A robot that can automatically answer customers’ questions