Cloud Hosting

  • Quick construction of cloud infrastructure and application services
  • Providing enterprise-class, cost-effective solutions
  • Reducing software licensing, management manpower and facility expenses
  • Transferring to cloud with professional vendor assistance, solving recruitment difficulties for professionals and high turnover of IT staff

Offsite backup

  • Self-built backup environment with hosting system. The replacement time of host computers has become a recurring problem and its maintenance is labor-intensive. The greatest concern is that it cannot fulfill backup functions when the need truly arises.
  • The offsite backup and data backup mechanism built by Microsoft Azure performs data synchronization every 15 minutes, which ensures data integrity better than a backup once a day in the past.
  • Transfer to a cloud system ensures smoothness and data integrity, with only five minutes for the switching process; afterwards when returning from the cloud to the internal system, no data is missing and the stress test results are also in line with expectations.

Hybrid Cloud

  • Performance: automatically increasing or decreasing computing resources to cope with sudden increases or decreases in traffic.
  • Offsite backup: disaster offsite backup, normal data uploading at no cost.
  • Reducing software licensing, management manpower and facility expenses.
  • Hardware cost: reducing hardware, maintenance and electricity costs.
  • Personal information: confidential information kept at ground end, applications moved to cloud end, with firewall and Ddos protection.
  • Information security: ISO 27018 certification